Thursday, July 8, 2010

Daily MelWear: Purple and Red and a question

In keeping with Peggy's week long Black and White Theme, I'm wearing my black pencil skirt (Target Daily Deal a few months ago - yay for sale prices and NO SHIPPING!) and my striped shirt. 

My pops of color are my purple belt and wine/red floral pumps.  These shoes are so comfortable. 

In happy, happy news, my iPhone 4 came yesterday!!!  We (read: my husband) got it set up last night and took today's pictures with it.  I think they are a thousand times better than pictures with the old 3G! They're so much more crisp and the colors are brighter.  I already love this phone!

Totally unflattering shot, but shows the belt and shoe colors better.
I wore this skirt/shirt combo on Monday night when my husband and I went to dinner.  I paired them with black peep-toe stilettos and pink jewelry.  Didn't take pictures so I figured I'd do something similar this week for the blog.

Speaking of doing things for the blog (and speaking of my husband), he has encouraged me to start a fan page on Facebook so that if any friends of mine think they know someone who'd be interested, they can recommend it to their friends through Facebook. 

Part of me feels like I really don't have enough of a following to even think about creating a fan page.  Another part of me thinks it could be fun.

So I'm asking for your opinion: should I start a fan page for A Working Mom's Closet?  For those of you on Facebook, is it something that you would recommend to your friends?  I need your feedback before I can make a decision.

And now, today's outfit:

Black Pencil Skirt: Target

Black/White Striped Tee: Macy's

Purple Belt: Salvation Army

Wine Pumps: DSW

Jewelry: Wal-Mart


  1. I think you should definitely start a fan page!!! I have one and I'm loving it. I am able to post my blog links and add pictures. If anything, it's one more way to get the word out! Plus, I just <3 facebook a lot!

  2. First off, I love, love, love this look. There's something so fresh about black and white together.

    Second, I'm with you on the ambivalence with the facebook page, but it would definitely get the word out. I say do it!

  3. I love this outfit and those shoes! And I say go for a facebook page, it will help get the word out for sure.

  4. very cute look! I'm loving the stripes and the belt. i just got my iPhone 4 this weekend - isn't the face chat amazing?!

  5. and YES - start a fan page! i need to start one for TNSDH, too!

  6. I love that tee and the wine pumps!!! I have not started a fan page but I would think it could only help and I would TOTALLY become a fan!

  7. I just love black and white stripes and pencil skirts. Love the pop of purples too. Such cute shoes.

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  9. Adorable outfit! I love the shoes.

    I think a fanpage can always help! Personally though, I don't use facebook much. But many people do.

  10. Start a fan page! I am so behind the times and have not yet Facebooked - but the BF started a page just yesterday and already hooked up with like 60+ people!!

  11. cute your shoes
    wow...the G4 takes great pics.
    I cannot wait until I get my new phone!

  12. Thanks ladies! I appreciate all the support! I think you've all convinced me to give it a shot and see what happens. Let me know if any of you set one up too and I'll spread the word! (I'm gonna go "like" Fashion Momma on Facebook now!)

  13. That shirt is awesome! The stripes photograph almost physcadelic like. Very cool. Black and white with a pop of color tends to look quite classic but here it looks fresh. Love it!

  14. This is such a cute outfit! You look lovely!


  15. Nikkole - I didn't even realize how the shirt photographed until you pointed that out, it's pretty cool!

    Melissa - thank you! :)


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