Sunday, July 4, 2010

Daily MelWear: Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy birthday, America!!!

Today, I do not take for granted the freedom that we have in this country.  

Today, I think about both of my grandfathers who were in the military, and I picture the flags that both of my grandmothers now hold dear in remembrance of their husbands. 

Today, I remember my cousin who is currently serving, and I remember his presentation of my grandfather's flag to my grandmother at the memorial service. 

Today, I could care less whether or not you like Barack Obama. What I care about is the fact that we live in a country where people are willing to give their lives defending our right to worship our God, our right to wear the clothes that we want to wear, our right to make our voices heard.

Be grateful for what you have.  Work hard for what you want or don't whine that you don't have it. Thank those who help you get there. 

And...try to look cute at the same time. :) This is my outfit for the Fourth of July, 2010!

Today's Stuff:

Denim Strapless Dress: Ross

Red Tank: Plato's Closet

White Belt: Wal-Mart

Nude Kitten Heels: Target


  1. You're so cute and look perfect for today! Have a great 4th!

  2. Yeah for red, white and blue!! Have a wonderful 4th!!

  3. You look great in your chicly patriotic attire - happy 4th, and great blog!

  4. Thanks ladies! Hope you're all having a great Independence Day so far and have a SAFE evening!

  5. I love it!! I also loved what you wrote so passionate and inspiring!!! What a neat military background to be proud of!!! You outfit is the perfect tribute without being too much!!!

  6. Thanks Tricia! There wasn't a dry eye anywhere when my cousin presented the flag. He's stationed in Hawaii and the service was in Florida, so it was especially moving to have him there to do that.

    Hope you had a great day and night!


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