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Proper Professional: Girls Day Out

The Proper Professional feature was birthed out my desire to spread the blogging love while also gaining some insight into professional and business attire in various situations. My goal is to feature bloggers from all different professions, whether stay-at-home moms, mega-corporation executive assistants, work-from-home employees, small office staff, business owners or more, to view different perspectives and opinions on what is appropriate, acceptable, and professional. Hopefully you'll be inspired and introduced to some great new blogs, too! To catch up on previous interviews, click here.

Today's interview is with Sherry of Girls' Day Out!

Tell us a little about yourself and your blog.
I have been married to Dan for nearly 29 years, I have 3 children, 3 grandchildren and LOVE my friends/family. I am a professional in the field of logistics for a large tech company you would recognize if I said their name. I have lived all over the world and the best place on earth is "home" - the US.

I began my blog as a way for the "girls" in my family to keep in touch as we all live all over the place in the US now.

The blog has turned into a fashion blog for me. I have now found an outlet for my interests: fashion, shoes, make-up, friends, family, pets, relationships and faith. I LOVE writing and this is an expected reward for me - writing. I forgot how much I loved being creative with my writing skills. I write Monday thru Friday (and sometimes more) using my OOTDs (Outfit of the Day) as the basis of my comments.
How did you come up with your blog name?
For 20 years, all of the women in my family would meet for a weekend. It actually started as my sister, mom and I talking our little girls (Amorina and Cassie) to see the Nutcracker and a fancy dessert at Christmastime. Then, as the girls and family grew, it turned into an entire weekend of fun for approximately 12 of us every year. Last year, on the occasion of our parents 50th Wedding Anniversary, it was our last GDO (Girls Day Out). We will get together as much as possible but we have all spread out further and further and getting together will include our spouses and children. SO - we have a Girls Day Out blog.
Do you work from home or outside the home, and what do you do?
I have had many careers in my lifetime (In chronological order): Bookkeeper for my dad, Supervisor at a fast food restaurant, Register Dental Assistant, Dental Office Manager, Stay at home mom, Property Manager, Certified Tax Preparer, Executive Administrator, Project Management Professional, Logistics Specialist, Sr. Program Manager in a global logistics position. That is my current position for a large tech company. I LOVE my job and look forward to getting dressed and going to work every day!

Do you have a dress code by which you need to abide (either corporate or self-imposed)? If so, what is it and how do your co-workers (if applicable) approach the dress code?
At my company people dress very diversely. I live in the SF Bay Area - so that should tell you a little something! :) There are folks in shorts, shoes or no shoes, dresses (men or women), kilts, business suits, pajamas and everything in between. For me, I like to dress in business casual. You can see that in my posts every day. The only code I have is to wear clothes that show I mean business and look "professional". I dress every day as if I am going to meet our CEO. My rule of thumb - dress nicer than everyone else in the room.

Do you choose your outfits in advance or in the morning, and how long does it take you to get ready in the mornings?
I think about outfits ALL DAY LONG! I just LOVE fashion! I pick out an outfit in my head and then the night before I lay it all out - including accessories (jewelry, belts, shoes, etc.) Then once I have it on, I might change it - but not often. It takes me 5 minutes to dress, 10 minutes for shower, 15 minutes to put on my makeup, 10 minutes to do my hair and 10 minutes to eat breakfast. I can cut out shower and hair and eat breakfast in the car. Sometimes I need to do that if I am tired and my hair is halfway decent! :)

If you were commissioned to rewrite the dress code, what would you change (if anything)?
No pajamas, and shoes are required. It grosses me out to see someone barefoot in the cafeteria. ICKY!!!

Do you think companies should take into account the potential cost for certain dress codes to be achieved and if so, should they be concerned about the cost being equal for both men and women?
There have been investigations done about the productivity of people and their standard of dress. I can't site anything off the top of my head but I think that if people dress like they mean business, they will act the same way. Much like if you smile, you will end up feeling cheerful. Our CEO wears jeans and TShirts... but he always looks nice. He sets the standard and I am ok with that.

What is your definition of professional attire and would this vary if the business is a small business compared to a larger corporation?
Professional attire is different based on the business and nature of the owners/leaders. I think the same code is appropriate for the rest of the employees. My definition, dress like you want to impress and command a presence of respect.

What are some pieces that every woman should have available in their professional arsenal?
Crisp white button up shirt; Pencil Skirt, Nice flats or pumps (leather); Good quality purse or handbag; Trench coat; Form fitting jacket that can be worn with pants or a skirt (black, brown, or grey - something neutral); Nice dress pants.

What pieces are never professionally appropriate regardless of the situation?
Flip flops, pajamas, torn clothing of ANY type, sweat pants, clothing that shoes too much skin.

Describe an outfit you'd wear in each of the following settings:
1. A typical day at work.
1. Pencil Skirt, Cardigan, Pumps, nice top or cami.

2. A formal business meeting.
2. The same - it is acceptable in my company.

3. An informal meeting with co-workers.
3. Jeans, nice Jacket, crisp white button-up shirt.  

4. A business dinner with co-workers and superiors.
4. Any of the above depending on the restaurant.

Are there any questions you wish I'd asked, or is there anything else you'd like to mention regarding this topic?
Maybe how big is my wardrobe? I have 80 pairs of pumps and 30 cardigans and 4 jackets. I am a hoarder pumps and cardigans!!! LOL! These questions were great! Cheers!
If you haven't checked out Sherry's blog yet, click here to go visit!
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Have an AWESOME Monday, everyone! I took the day off of work to spend it at Universal having a girls' day with my sister-in-law and another very good friend. Harry Potter and frozen butterbeer, here we come!


  1. So excited to find another "seasoned" lady out there...I will for sure visit her site!!

  2. Great Interview. Have a fun day at Universal.

  3. I am totally in agreeance with her "rule of thumb - dress nicer than everyone in the room." That's pretty easy at my job, but I still try and use it. Even on my casual days I try to keep it above expectation.

    Can I say, and Melissa, you know I have to...I LOVE those salmon colored webby looking pumps!! Those are super cool and I think I need a pair in some off color. :)

    And 80 pairs of pumps...she might be my new hero. :)

  4. "I think about outfits ALL DAY LONG!"...haha, I love that - ME TOO! :)

  5. Great interview! I can't believe people walk around barefoot though - that's all sorts of grossness!

  6. I like any blogger who loves cardigans.

  7. She looks great, but I'm more jealous of your Universal trip!!!! I want to visit Hogwarts SO BAD! I am sooooo jealous!!!! ;)

  8. I LOVE seeing non-twenty-year-olds blogging! It's so inspiring! She's amazing-- I am checking out her blog NOW!

  9. Thank you, Melissa, for this awesome opportunity... And BTW - if any of my readers think I invented the Flamingo Pose - I set them straight today! You are the original Flamingo Poser! LOL! Cheers!

  10. Great feature - She is very polished and has an excellent eye for color (my absolute weakness).

  11. i love that you do this! thanks for sharing about other bloggers, Melissa! what a stylish mama/grandma (can't believe she's a grandma!)

  12. I'm definitely going to check out her blog, love it! Thanks for featuring her!

  13. I love that too; "Dress (better) than anyone in the room"... Its so easy to get sloppy! It was great to learn more about Sherry--something I didnt learn about her from her blog! Thanks~


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