Friday, May 6, 2011


"Look at this" - Dane Cook

If you don't know who Dane Cook is (and you're not easily offended), you should Google some of his stand-up comedy clips. Just sayin'.

If you've been seeing the Friend Friday posts but aren't quite sure what they're about,  click here to read all about it and here to meet Katy, the creator!

This week's topic is much more light-hearted than some of the previous questions. Yay fun!

1.What is your go-to pair of shoes?
I would have to say my black Mary Janes from Target. Sometimes at work I have errands to run at the main medical plaza and since our office is a couple of blocks away, it requires some walking and those heels are enormously comfortable! Then there's the fact that most of my clothes are black-based (rather than brown or navy) so those shoes go with most everything.

2. What goes into your shoe buying decisions?
A lot of the time I've been focused on whether or not they meet dress code. Now that we have permission to wear some open-toe shoes around our little office, that's less of a concern (I just have to keep some closed-toe shoes at my desk for quick changes if we have meetings or visitors). I do try to look for heels most of the time, ones that are comfortable and have some kind of flair to them (plain pumps are not my cup of tea) such as a texture or bow or something. I refuse to wear shoes that are especially uncomfortable. Sure, some heels aren't that comfy simply due to the nature of wearing heels, but I won't wear shoes that are truly painful. Fashion should be fun, not torture. 

3. The majority of the shoes in your closet are what color?
Some form of black. I have gray, silver, zebra flats, black/gray leopard flats, tweed, and plain black.

4. When it comes to designer shoes what are your favorite brands and why?
Er...I'm not a "designer" kind of girl. (Fashion Blogger: FAIL) I'm really not familiar with designers (for the most part) and don't have any type of preference. I look for shoes mostly at Target and Payless, and have recently branched into DSW and Beall's. I look for the style I want, comfort level, and the price I need. Otherwise, I don't really care what the label says. 

5. If price wasn’t an issue, you’d own which shoe?
Okay so forget everything I just said in number four. Heh. If price wasn't an issue, I'd want some  yellow Christian Louboutin pumps like these. Please and amen. Honestly I just really want more brightly colored pumps, specifically yellow, less specifically pink, turquoise, green, orange...(such lofty goals, I know...)

What do YOU think? What are some shoes that every girl should have in her closet?


  1. I'm with you, girl. I love a good pair of shoes like nobody's business but they need to be COMFY! I don't know how some gals teeter around in 5-6" platform stilettos all day - for work, I think I top out at 3" and they can't be a skinny mini heel.

  2. I love your Mary Janes and I find Target shoes to mostly be very comfortable. I have never regretted purchasing a pair there!!

  3. I LOVE Target. And recently got some AMAZING old school yellow Converse!! On CLEARANCE!! For hanging around when I feel like wearing tennis shoes (which isn't often). I am soooo into Payless for shoes. And I love Dots. But I don't have one very close around here. They have the cutest sandals and things in the summertime.

  4. i would love a pair of yellow pumps...they don't even have to be louboutin!

  5. Love those mary janes. And it's the second Dane Cook reference I got today, got to google him !!!

    I put up a guide on how to buy the right shoe (the right fit) for you today. Come and say hi !

  6. Your mary janes are pretty.
    I can't wait to go home and do a whole shoe photo shoot in my closet for my post. Cause I am definitely a designer girl but I do love finding very cool styles at cheap prices now too.


  7. I believe everyone needs a bright shoe. No matter what color. They really add oomph. The only reason I care at all about brand is for my hard to judge size and fussy feet. I like designers for their designs, but care more about quality, consistency and fit.

    I think you have a great range of shoes with special details that make them more than just a pair of mary janes - I still wonder how you find such cool shoes at Payless!

  8. I agree - everyone needs a bright shoe! I love shoes... I must confess. I believe I am a hoarder of pumps and cardigans.... sigh. :) You look as gorgeous as ever... Oh - and I just realized I haven't given you props for the flamingo pose lately (since I copied this) so I will do that next week. Happy Mothers Day! Cheers and huge blessings to you!

  9. Louboutins are definitely on my wish list as well! a girl can dream...

  10. Honestly with all the amazing less expensive designer collaborations at Target and are getting DESIGNER shoes anyway- maybe not the same materials but the design aesthetic is still there....You always have the cutest shoes on...AND they always look comfortable which is so important.

  11. My question is- how are those Christian Louboutin pumps only $88!!?? I love your answers- especially the news that you can wear some open toed shoes to work now! Great Maryjanes- practical and stylish!

  12. I love the FBFF questions. It's always so fun how other people approach blogging or fashion choices. Persoanlly, I'm not really a shoe girl. I much rather spend on a new dress rather than a pair of shoes!

  13. i think every girl should have a pair of red heels (preferably patent leather) to dress up any neutral or black outfit! though lately my go to pair of shoes is a multi-colored wedge. and i think EVERY girl dreams of owning Louboutins!

  14. and BTW, my grandma TOTALLY fell asleep on the couch in the thrift store. it was funny. at least she wasn't snoring!

  15. Thanks for this great post, Melissa! I am such a shoe horse -- I think I could give up clothes shopping altogether if I were still able to buy shoes. And those yellow Louboutins you linked to are really fantastic (I'm telling myself that they MUST be uncomfortable to deter my eager trigger finger...)

  16. I love those mary janes!! They are really cute!

  17. I love those yellow pumps from christian louboutin! I can tell your not afraid of color and thats good! I'm a manolos girl myself. I have to have them!


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