Thursday, May 5, 2011

Daily MelWear: Professional Purple

Alternate Title: Grape Professional. However, as we're all well aware, I kind of have a thing for alliteration so purple was the winning choice.

We have a meeting today! YAY! (Sarcasm is a second language.) Normally I'd dress down more on Thursdays but we're meeting with another department to discuss our upcoming accreditation process so I dressed in a way that will hopefully make my boss proud that I'm her employee.

This suit is one example of how to dress professionally in warm weather. Short sleeves! Hooray! The purple top is sleeveless and cotton and I LOVE it. I have one in green too. I've them for years, like pre-pregnancy years. I would be devastated if either of the shirts died. (Devastated - dramatic much?)

Okay you all know I've had some time management issues lately that have caused me to have ZERO time to read and comment on blog posts. Here's my situation: I wake up at 4:30AM to be at work by 7:30AM (this includes a workout and showering/getting ready and my blog photo session). I work until 6PM Monday - Thursday. When I come home, I have dinner, help clean up and on the days when my daughter is with her dad, I try to take some time then to respond to comments. When it's my custody time with our girl, I spend time with her. I try to be in bed by 8:30PM in hopes of getting somewhere around 8 hours of sleep (ha.).

Fridays are my days with my girl. On the weekends when I have her (I've had her every weekend for about a month or so because of special events and her dad being generous enough to let me have her!), I spend every waking minute with her. During her naps, I try to get caught up on responding to emails and comments and get other things done (like uploading pictures to our family site or sending out birthday cards or checking into potential schools for her since she's starting Pre-K soon, finding a place for her upcoming birthday party, or looking for swim lessons or soccer leagues or...geez.). Occassionally, I get to watch a TV show or two while I'm doing this! Until she wakes up and then I'm all hers. :)

Seriously, how on earth do you all fit in time to read and comment?! I know everyone is busy and has things to do, whether or not you have kids or are married or single. I used to be able to read and comment at work (which is when I write my posts) but work has gotten so busy that I just don't have that ability anymore, at least not right now.

So...hints, tips, tricks, advice? What do you do? How do you get it all done?

Today's outfit:
Skirt Suit: Ross
Purple Top: Wal-Mart
Purple Belt: Charlotte Russe
Purple Heels: Wal-Mart


  1. Cute Outfit. I try to read blog in the morning before work. If not at night. If I can't get them them. Then I try the next day.

  2. I have a strict "no blogging at work" rule, since I'm only there 10 hours a week. Of course, the "no blogging at work" rule doesn't count at all when it comes to school work. I sat down this morning to work on my thesis and ended up here - ooops! So obviously, I definitely don't have the same stress-factor to get stuff done like you!
    But lady, you're going to burn out at that pace! My suggestion? Do you have to work out every morning? Maybe choose 2 mornings a week to not work out, so you can go to bed a little later and wake up a little later, and use some of that extra time to read and comment. Or cut down the number of blogs you read... (you'd keep me right? Ok, I admit that one is significantly harder to do!).

  3. Once again, great professional look and I love the way you popped the purple...I teach journalism and communications, so for now can get away with blogging during the day...but you never know when blogs will be blocked like FaceBook and Twitter have been.

  4. I do the bloggy business at work lots of times. And two nights a week my lovely wife closes and doesn't come home until after 9. So I have from 7:30 when the munchkin goes to bed until 9:30 when they wifey gets home to do what I want. often times what I want gets trumped by what needs to be done...But that's how it is. I also don't work near as long of hours as you do. I work 8-4 Mon-Fri, only.

    Love the professional look today. That suit is super cute!!!! I am in love with the big wide collar!!

  5. You look amazing. I LOVE the collar on the suit! It's really unique! And I have no idea how I do it. Oh wait... I sacrifice sleep. Not at ALL the best option. ;)

    Enter my Nanny Styles Contest!

  6. I like the purple and grey together. You look sassy but very professional.

  7. I do all my blogging at home, on my PC. I'm less busy than the average person. I still have school and house chores and all that. But I keep my active blog roll to a minimum for my daily checking. I hate to do it since there are so many great blogs, but consistently I try to connect with the bloggers who also connect with my blog. If I have extra time, I seek out new or different blogs.

    I start every morning by opening all the new posts into tabs. I read them throughout the day as I have moments to sit down, I try to leave comments. Halfway through the day I check back at my reader or dashboard and open up all the new posts, and continue the same thing throughout the day. They don't all get commented on, but they all do get read. I'm sure this will change when I start working but for now it works.

  8. I absolutely love this! You do suits like no always find the most beautiful and feminine pieces!

    As for blogging I can't really offer any helpful tips because I don't have nearly the schedule you do! I just fit it in whenever I'm at home and not busy. I can't believe you find ANY time do any blogging at all with a schedule that grueling! I completely understand wanting to spend every possible moment with your little girl when you have her and I think it's so admirable that you make that your first speaks volumes of what a great mother you are! If blogging is a way for you to relax and enjoy some time to yourself then I say just fit it in whenever you can, whenever you find a moment! But don't feel that you have to post or read or comment because you definitely deserve some YOU time to just sit back and relax :)

  9. You look beautiful!!! I have really had to scale back how much time I spend on blogging and only allow myself to do it during nap time and first thing in the morning while my kids are watching a show. I say do what you can and don't worry about everyone else you already know who is most important and that is what really counts!

  10. Very cute, and I love the pleats at the hem of the skirt!
    I wish I could help you with the time management problem, but I have the same problem, and I don't even have a full-time job!
    Don't fret over blogging. Remember it's supposed to be fun, and when you have the time do it, but don't stress.
    BTW, I think it's amazing that you have the dedication and discipline to get up so early to work out. Good for you!

  11. Great professional the collar on the suit and the pop of purple from the shirt.
    I read blogs in my down time at work and after the kids got to bed from 9-10 while watching tv with the hubby. I know, there is just not enough time in the day!

  12. Sarcasm is absolutely a second language. One in which I am fluent. I can also sympathize with being busy. I work 4am to 10am several days a week, go to school more than full time, and even coach a colorguard! I will be honest with you, I am still not sure how I get it all done. Especially now that I'm blogging and that is waaay more fun than homework, haha.

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.

  13. I blog and read blogs at lunch and at night, while my husband works on his dissertation. It does take a lot of time, but I certainly don't have the responsibilities of a parent, which are many more in number and much more important. The best thing about blogs is they'll always be there when you do have some time. we'll understand. :)

  14. love this outfit! it's great. that purple shirt is fab!

  15. BTW, dunno how i get to comments. i stay up WAY too late at night and often i'm tired in am. my poor hubby prolly thinks i'm crazy cuz we'll be hanging out watching TV and i have no idea what's on or what happened since i'm just blog commenting.

  16. Love the suit! I'm sure your boss was very proud to have you as an employee :) I think you're getting pretty great at this dress code balancing act!

    And I'm with Kimberly...I absolutely sacrifice sleep to get everything done. I used to have downtime at work, where I could check blogs and leave comments, but that's pretty much gone now. I can squeeze a couple in with my morning coffee, and maybe a couple of more at lunch, but that's about it. There are a ton of new blogs I'd love to check out, but I just don't have the time!

    (and generally, when I do get around to it, I'm commenting from my iPhone, which lends itself to goofy mistakes all of the time!)

  17. What a fabulously whimsical collar!

  18. Love the pops of purple! I also love that you got some items at walmart! I also pick up some key essentials from there.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  19. I don't know how people do it. I have 166 new posts to read... Always. And I'm not nearly as busy as you are! You sound like a wonderful mother!

  20. Hey Mel, happy Mother's day! I hope you had a fab day with your daughter! And I love those purple heels, woot woot!
    Can't help you out with the "trying to do it all" as I don't... even being a SAHM I still don't get enough time to do it all, but I rarely have the tv on and do a little bit each day. I can't believe you get up at 430am! You poor thing. Enjoy the week! xo


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