Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daily MelWear: Spring Has Sprung!

I know, I know, it's a little trite...but it makes me smile because it reminds me of a Tigger lawn sign I used to have with that saying on it. I like Tigger.


Work is still really busy, so I haven't had a chance to visit blogs like I wish I could! Thank you all for continuing to comment and support me in spite of my...lameness.

Even more lame is that I took the necklace off when I got in the car because of all our dress code issues lately - I know we can technically wear it if it's taken off when visitors come, but I also know my boss isn't a fan of "the bling" so I'm going to play it safe for a while.

Speaking of being supportive (I was before the necklace thing, right?), I do know of a few things that I want to support and mention here!

Kimberly of Fashion Momma has QUIT HER JOB!!! Hooray! She's taking a position as a nanny that will allow her to bring her daughter to work every day! However, she's not as experienced in dressing for function as a nanny AND being as cute as she normally is, too. She's requesting your help in dressing her and offering a $25 gift card to the winner. Go here to read all about it and enter!

Taylor of It's My Cardi feels the same way about orange as I do about yellow. This week she's proving that orange can be worn with practically any other color. Need some orange inspiration? Click here to read her first orange post and check her out!

Also, don't forget to visit my friend Charisse's new blog! She's already gotten some very sweet visitors and comments and has started to add more content. Go Charisse go!!!

And now I have a question for you: is it easier for you to dress professionally (and/or modestly) during the cold winter months or during the warm summer months? Kind of a silly question, I know. But answer me anyway. Cuz I like to know what you think.

I look like I'm about to take flight in this picture. It amuses me.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Ooooh, alliteration. It makes me happy.

Today's outfit:
Skirt: Target
Shirt: Ross
Sandals: Target
Belt: Wal-Mart ( the boys' section...shhhh...)
Necklace: Beya


  1. I always dress Modestly no matter what season it is. We actually just got are new dress code for summer. Which we can wear Bermudas short as long as we dress them up.

    There nothing wrung with dressing in the kids dept. I do it all the time.

  2. Beautiful color on you....Melissa.

    And Work Appropriate!!

  3. You look super springy today. Maybe you can send some of that up here and help me get spring really rolling in central NY?!?! I absolutely adore this necklace and I hate that you left it in the car, but it was probably wise with everything that has come about with dress code at your office lately. :( Pooey!

    I think it's probably easier to dress a little more modestly in the winter months up here, for sure. When I lived in Atlanta, it didn't really matter what season it was, I just dressed how I wanted. Up here, I wore tights and pants and long sleeves and even *GASP* some turtlenecks during the winter because it was so friggin' chilly. :) But, moving up here did introduce me to the versatility of the cardigan which I absolutely love!

  4. I think it's easy to dress modestly no matter what the season but I know there are some really strict dress codes such as no sleevless tops or no open toe shoes or some that even say no bare legs, so that can be a little tough in the summer months since you don't want to be all sweaty before even getting to work!

  5. Sorry about your work dresscode drama! I think you look darling and professional! Who wants to look like a robot??

    That is so fantastic about Kimberly's job! woo hoo!

  6. You are just way too cute! And I read your previous post about the workplace dress code drama -- I'm sorry that it's becoming such a hassle! At least you still have after work and the weekends to dress exactly however you want, though! ^^ I love your shoes -- they are so fun and sassy! And winter is definitely easier to dress modestly, though I tend to dress modestly no matter what season it is, haha! I realized the other day that most of my outfits have me covered up completely.

  7. I'd say it's equally easy both times of year. I don't have much trouble pulling stuff together. I feel like I just run out of cute tops in winter and sweaters in summer. That's a mental thing though not quite reality!

  8. Bummer you had to ditch the necklace..its so pretty! Love that color.

    I think it easier to seem more modestly dressed in winter, due to tights and yes, I probably feel more modest in the winter..
    Have a great rest of the week.

  9. I love that necklace too bad you took it off! I really love all the color combo's today. I always dress modestly but find the winter to be a much easier time to do it!

  10. Such a great skirt...cannot wait to see what else you pair it with this summer. I find it a lot easier to dress for work in the summer!

  11. Oh man, I can dress WAY more professionally in the winter time! I feel stuffy in the summer. I hate heat. Thanks for notifying everyone of my contest!

  12. Adorable color pairing. The great thing about necklaces is that they can easily be taken off and put on. <3 I loved Tigger as a kid, even had a Tigger beach towel until I was in my teens (and it disintegrated).

  13. So pretty in blue!!!

    Are those shoes new? Are they comfortable?

    It's easier to dress in the winter. More layers. Most of my warm-weather clothes are not appropriate for work since I'm a teacher and I don't work during the summer. In other words, in May and August, when I'm working and it's HOT, my wardrobe is limited... VERY limited. :)

  14. Hey you linked me! (In my head that came out in the same tone as my three year-old's "HEY HE TOUCHED ME!" in the car every flippin' afternoon regarding his brother.) Thanks, yo. Anyhow I absolutely love these colors! You're making me want to do an aqua/olive mix somehow...

  15. Gorgeous color on you! Love that skirt and those shoes too. I don't have to dress "business-y", but it's easier in the cooler months because a blazer instantly makes me feel more grown-up and professional.

  16. This is a great color combo on you and the outfit fits your curves nicely!
    I personally think that the winter months bring on a more "professional" look for me mainly because (as bad as this may sound), I'm more covered up!

  17. Gorgeous, gorgeous colors today! Perfect Florida spring outfit :)

    I'd probably have to say that I dress more conservatively in the winter, because it's pretty hot here in the summer, which lends itself to more casual dress. But I try to keep as professional as I can, either way.

  18. Love the colors! I like summer dressing better, because the cold weather really just gets to my head and my fashion sense goes out the window (each morning begins essentially with how many layers can I put on and still move my arms--and I live in freakin' California). I don't go out of the office for work often, so I only have to worry about staying modest indoors, which is super easy in the summer because it's still 60 degrees inside. So definitely summer.

  19. My outfit today is a testament to how professional is so much easier in winter - dark just reads "take me seriously". However, I also felt like a storm cloud!
    As for the necklace, would wearing it all the way to and from work help? Then you still get the fun of wearing a necklace for a bit longer than just pictures!

  20. Bling, bling! Haha your work never ceases to crack me up. But I like the outfit, especially the colors, and those SHOES! So cute. As for dressing more modestly in the winter? I don't really find that it makes a difference for me, but I do prefer winter clothes -- boots + cardigans + scarves are my fave. Sorry I've been out of the comment-circle lately, I've just been feeling overwhelmed trying to live my real life and keep up with everyone's blog! But I love yours (and you) and so I'll keep coming around as much as I'm able. :)


  21. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!! I love those beautiful colors on you..and how perfect for spring! Ahh and those shoes are HOT!

  22. I dress modestly always but I do find it easier to dress professionally in colder weather. When it is warm, I don't like thing too fitted and I don't like to layer as much, which are both key to my more professional looks.

  23. I think it is easier to dress professionally in the winter because I think more often that not professional means modest and wearing a lot of layers makes me sweaty in hot weather! Either way, it is challenging for me to dress professionally because of my big chest. I think I stand out in that way and that's not a professional way to stand out.

    I can't believe you can't wear that necklace to work, it's not offensive or anything!


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