Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daily MelWear: Little Things Mean A Lot

Hi friends!

How was your Monday? Are you glad it's over now? Mine was pretty busy at work yesterday, but I did feel really productive. That's always a good feeling.

My plan for this outfit was to wear a 3/4 length striped shirt underneath the sweater...but it was a little too tight and I opted for something more comfortable. The stripes would have made the outfit less boring but at least the sequins on the tank add a little bit of sparkle. Sparkle makes me happy.

This jacket was priced originally at $45 but I got it for $10! Can't beat that! I love the puffy shoulder details and the gold threads throughout. More shinyness!

I would have added more sparkle and detail with some jewelry but we're delivering packets to our board members today for them to review prior to next week's meeting, so I need to adhere more closely to our dress code. We're not supposed to wear much jewelry (earrings must be studs only, necklaces can only be thin silver or gold chains with one small pendant, no bracelets or rings other than wedding rings...) so I opted to not wear anything other than my watch.

This week is supposed to be warmer, in the 70s, so I may go with dresses and skirts sans tights! Ooooh, in winter! This is winter in Florida. We're one of two states that hasn't gotten snow. And THAT is why I live here.

Have a great day, everyone!

Today's outfit:
Black Pants: Charlotte Russe
Black Tank: Kohl's
Cranberry Sweater: Forever 21
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Black Pumps: Target
Bow Headband: Icing
Black and Gold Jacket: Charlotte Russe


  1. I found your blog from Amy Fashion, if I remember right. You are adorable. You put together the most stylish outfits and your personality is so sweet.

  2. Hey there! Looks at you wearing pants. This is an awesome outfit. I don't care for the jacket as much as you do, but it IS cute. I like the outfit way better without the jacket. While this is more subdued than you normally wear - I do think it looks great!!!

    And here I am today in a skirt that I thought was brown and turns out it is deep olive green. :*(

  3. I like your hair like that ,you look so Parisien (if such a word exists)

  4. I absolutely love that jacket! I love the puffy shoulders, and you got it for such a steal! You look adorable :)

  5. Love this outfit Melissa! Always a fan of the belted sweater and wow $10 for that jacket? Great deal!

  6. I love the longer length, it adds elegance! My brain has been bombarded with shorter jackets so it took me a while to get on board, but now I'm wishing my jackets were a touch longer

  7. Great jacket! I love your sparkly details. Subtle but they make a good impact.

  8. I really like this sweater. It is a great color!


  9. Great find on your coat. It was in the 80's in South Florida.


  10. Great outfit. I like the sparkly detail on your belt!

    Our Board meetings start this week, so I completely understand the need to stick to the dress code. I'm not looking forward to being "professional" the rest of the week. Blah!!!

  11. that belt is perfect with your sweater! way to add some interest without breaking your jewelry dresscode!

  12. This is such a fabulous outfit!! I love the pants and the colors and those are some cute shoes! And the headband is fantastic too! :)


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