Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Daily MelWear: Winter

I feel like something out of the Mid-West today. I don't know if it's the boots with the cozy sweater and skirt or what. But that's how I feel. Brown isn't a prevalent color in my closet but I've worn it twice this week. Weird.

I'm so glad you guys have been liking the bigger pictures lately! That makes me happy. What doesn't make me happy, however, is the quality of the photos! My iPhone 4 has been taking pretty good pictures for the most part but enlarging them just makes them look so grainy and unfocused. I know that cameras are not cheap, but I think I may have to buy a decent camera (and a tripod!) SOON.

My boss told me yesterday that I dress kind of "wild." I found that amusing. She'd gone shopping on her lunch to buy a new shirt for the board meeting last night and when she tried them on, I told her which one I thought looked better on her (and suggested that she button the top button of her cardigan). I don't remember how the conversation turned to what I was wearing but she said something to the effect of "Well yeah, you dress kind of wild though!" It made me laugh. Good thing Kasmira doesn't work for her. I don't think my boss would be able to handle it. :) 

So friends, tell me about your cameras (even those of you that don't blog, if you like your camera). What kind is it, where can it be purchased, how expensive are they, how much are the tripods, are there self-timers or remotes, etc. I need help finding a camera!

Today's outfit:
Floral Skirt: Target
White Sweater: Target
Brown Belt: Salvation Army
Brown Tights: Can't remember
Brown Boots: Also can't remember - some outlet store
Pink Scarf: From my mom
Ring: Forever 21


  1. You know my camera situation is more like, "Woe is me," so I have no advice, there. However, I LOVE this outfit- You look so pretty, but that sweater does look EXTREMELY soft and cozy. I also really like the pink and brown together! I don't think you dress "wild," but definitely classy/creative. :) Love you!

  2. Hi Melissa! My BF just received the Canon Rebel for Christmas, and I've been joyfully benefiting from his gift. Prior to that, I had been using a Sanyo Xacti VPC-X1200 (link here: I think I was able to get it for less than $100. For my purposes, it worked very well -- easy to use, lightweight, small, and I was reasonably pleased with the picture quality. I much prefer the BF's photos, but I probably wouldn't have justified buying a DSLR for myself -- I just don't know enough about photography to make the purchase worthwhile.

    And how funny that your boss describes your style as "wild." I'd say classic with a punch! : )

  3. LOVE the color here that scarf!! You look great....:)

    I dint forget about the email...Ii had emergency oral surgery yesterday Wisdom tooth pulled ON THE SPOT:(
    Im at work, hoping to blow out of here ASAP so I can get some rest....

  4. I use a little olympus point and shoot that's about 4 years old - I'm getting a new one in a month or two, though, and I think I'm going to get a Canon. Anyway, I just use the timer on my camera, and my tripod is the cheapest one they sell at target - I think it was $15? From what I've seen, generally remotes are about $15 and work with DSLRs...very few point and shoots are compatible with remotes. I'd recommend going to a local camera shop and asking them - they know so much about every type of camera and can really help you find the best camera to suit your needs - then you can see if you can buy it online or at a big box store cheaper ;)

  5. I'm a big fan of canon, as their point and shoots have great manual features. Mine is a fairly big one, powershot 200IX, but I had a smaller Ixus one before that which was tiny, but didn't have as many manual features. But then, if you're upgrading from an iphone, anything will seem amazing. Both were around £200 i think, but that was years ago, so I'm sure you could get somthing good for much less than that.

  6. I use my Iphone but I do have a canon power shot sd980 IS it came from target. I don't use it b/c I would have to wait month for Hubby to download the picture off of it. Due to you put the Sd Card in your computer and my laptop doesn't have that feature.

    Your sweater looks super comfy.

  7. I love the pattern and colours on your skirt and that ring is beautiful. Yes I definitely think the bigger photos are better as you can see more detail of your outfits.

    I have a Nikon D40 which I think takes some quite good pictures. I bought it as reconditioned on ebay for about $300 (I think), I don't use a tripod, although I have a very cheap mini one, instead I prop it up on a pot moisturiser! I also have a cheap remote about $10 . I am looking at improving the quality of my photos and have discovered that I need some new lenses. The only problem with my camera is that it is quite heavy if I want to take it out and about.

  8. I have a Canon SD 780 IS and it's great. It was a couple hundred dollars but I like that it has the self-timer function so I can take 10 photos at once and just pick my favorites. If you aren't going to be doing crazy amounts of photography I would definitely recommend a smaller non dslr digital camera. I love the bigger photos, too, because it is so much easier to see what you are wearing.

  9. PS I got my tripod at Kmart for under $20. It works great and is easy to pack up and take with you if you do outdoor shots.

  10. I use the Sony SuperSteadyShot DSC-W80 with a tripod I stole from my parents. It has a timer, but alas, no remote function. Even if the remote comes separately, and you can't afford it right away, make sure that you can get remotes for it! I definitely wish I had one, and I've been looking for ways to some how create one.
    And I'm glad that when your boss said you dressed "wild" she seemed to be in awe, rather than shock!

  11. I just purchased a Canon Power Shot A490. I haven't used it much yet so I can't say how I like it but so far so good. I bought a cheapy Targus tripod from Walmart a few months's ok but I am too lazy to use it. As much as I would love a DSLR, it really isn't affordable or practical for me even as a blogger.

  12. Love that ring!

    I have a Canon PowerShot Digital Elph - the closest thing is this one:

    It looks pretty similar and is now listed for ~$180. I really like it and have had it over a year now.

  13. scratch that, just over 2 years now! (wow, where did the time go...) I just found the info, it's Canon, SD1100

  14. You look adorable. It must be rare for you to have to break out boots in Florida.
    I have a Cannon Powershot SD750. It's not a top of the line, but it does have some nice features, and a timer on it. I've had it for over two years now and I like it a lot.

  15. Um, wildly CUTE. That pink scarf adds the perfect touch!!

  16. Hahah you dress wild?! :) I use a Canon PowerShot that I bought 2 years ago. It was about $150.. And I'm sure the newer models are roughly that price, too. The quality of photos is amazing for point-and-shoot. It also comes with a timer which is how I get photos done when I'm buy myself. As for a tripod, I just got a Gorillapod from REI for $22.50 for Christmas. It bends in every direction imaginable and comes with magnetic feet so it can attach to just about everything OR it can stand as a regular tripod.

  17. I use a little point and shoot Sony Cyber-shot, but I'd love to upgrade to a DSLR (and I'd love for the money to buy it to fall from the sky, but...).
    Your boss probably didn't really mean wild, she probably meant that you are daring with your clothes and look for fun, unexpected and flattering combinations. And when she said wild, she also probably meant really cute!

  18. I use a CASIO Exilim EX-S5. I hate it. >.< It's terrible for anything but day time outdoor photos. And a common failing of the model seems to be memory card corruption which happened to my camera right after warranty went out. I got it for like $120 at Sam's club.

    I'm looking to upgrade to a Canon PowerShot SX130 -...someday. It runs about $180.

    I don't use a tripod or remote. I set my camera on ledges and use the auto timer if I don't have teh Hubs taking the photos. But have been looking into getting some kind of tripod, and would love to hear feedback if you get one.

  19. To add - I don't think you dress very wild at all! I think you have a very classy style with good visual interest.

  20. You wild wild girl you!


    I love the way you dress! Me for camera? Ask J, no clue.

    Okay, maybe I should say something intelligent like: Yes, I used a sharpshooting high quality Nikon 7500.563.05 Dash A!

    he he..

    Miss ya!


  21. These bigger pictures are great!! I love the floral skirt and the pink scarf, way to fight the grayness of winter :)

  22. You look great, and the accessories are a nice touch. I love that ring and the color of the scarf.
    No Guilt Fashion

  23. Happen to stumble across your blog and thought I'd put my two sense into your camera questions. Though I do like your outfit! I'm from the mid-west so I might be a bit bias :)
    I've got a Canon SX20 IS (They've now got SX30s out). It's a point-and-shoot super zoom and it's one step down from a DSLR. I LOVE it! It's about $400 found at pretty much any electronic or camera store. It fits on standard tripods (even cheap ones). It's got a hot shoe for an external flash but unfortunately does not have remote access for self-timing. It does have a great self-timer on the camera though!

  24. I'm loving the brown and pink.
    I just got a Gorrilapod with magnetic feet for my birthday. I'm still figuring out all out, but i really like it. You can attach it to just about anything. The other day, I mounted it to my fridge and took pics.

  25. You are so cute, as always! I am loving that printed skirt. And LOL at your boss saying you dress wild! Well, I can kind of see it -- your spunky personality definitely shows in your clothing choices!

    I have a basic point-and-shoot Canon, so no fancy DSLRs here... (someday!) It's an SD-something-or-another, but I don't have it with me right now so I can't confirm. I use the self-timer and I don't have a tripod. Again, someday! I edit all of my photos for color and lighting in Photoshop since I never shoot in natural light, too.

  26. i love this combination on you, you look so cute!

    I have a Nikon Coolpix L100. It's basically a point and shoot (i don't know how to use an DSLR) but takes pretty great pictures. The only downfall is that with the time you can only take one picture at a time. It costs about $200. Hope this helps.

  27. I like your close-up photos. Much easier to see. The pink scarf totally makes the outfit.

  28. I love this outfit!! The skirt is too cute and the boots are fabulous! Hehe, your boss thinks you dress "wild"? I think you dress great actually! Heh, I wonder what she would think of how I dress. ;)

    We ended up with a Canon PowerShot SX130 IS. It's a point-and-shoot, so its pretty easy to use. I want to say it cost in the $250 range. I think most cameras will do timed shots, but you get remotes for point and shoots too. We're happy with ours, and you see the image quality on my blog. Personally, I don't have a problem with your pictures, but I can certainly understand wanting to have a decent camera too. :)


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