Monday, January 3, 2011

Daily MelWear: And We're Back...

Howdy, friends!

{How obvious is it that my daughter has been watching a lot of Toy Story lately?}

So, it's a new year. Did you create a list of New Year's Resolutions?

I didn't. I never do. I figure if I'm going to improve something about myself or my life, I might as well do it NOW and not wait for a new year to make a bunch of changes.

So many of you have posted your resolutions for your blogs and I haven't had a chance to read any of them yet! I can't wait to see what ideas you have. I had big plans this weekend to catch up on blog reading and commenting, but that didn't quite work out the way I'd hoped.

Lots of things happened over the weekend, most of them were not so great, so I'm not going to get into all of that.

Instead, I'm going to pose a question to all of you: What is the most interesting or most potentially beneficial New Year Resolution that you've heard about this year? This can be either your own or someone else's. Share with me!

And now for a little bit about today's outfit - I'm not really feeling it. Not sure why, but I feel like despite the vertical stripes and dark colors, this still makes me look 20 pounds heavier. Eh...whatever. I worked out this morning, that's a plus!

Today's outfit:
Dress: Ross

Black Long-Sleeved Tee: Charlotte Russe
Teal Tights: Forever 21
Black Booties: Payless


  1. You totally do not look 20 pounds heavier, my friend. I promise. And I really, REALLY like the subtle hint of color in the teal tights! I'm too scared to wear my booties- I've only worn the ONE TIME. They are very similar to yours, though. Perhaps I need to get over it and just wear them!

    I've heard/read SO many resolutions, but I think my favorite (because it's one of mine) is to walk. Just walk. Walk because it feels good, it's healthy, it is alone ("me") time, and because it will give me time to clear my head or think about a lot of stuff, or not.

  2. My Favorite Resolution Is spend more time with family and friends. You look great. Hugs.

  3. You look so cute! that dress is amazing! It nips in at the waist just right and the print is so great.

  4. I hate when my mind plays tricks on me like that too! You do look as thin as always! If you're anything like me, it's just the shift your brain has to make after spending a week in your pajamas!!

    My new resolution was to journal every night, and I started it as soon as I thought of it - a couple days before New Years. It's amazing how relaxing it is: I worry about a lot more than I realize, but once it's down on paper, it's easier to just let go.

  5. I don't think that dress makes you look 20 pounds heavier! You look beautiful!
    I really don't try and do many resolutions I just try and focus on a few. I am going to try and be a little healthier!

  6. We have been watching non stop Toy Story since Christmas too!

    I am not making New Years Resolutions instead I like to start the New Year by making lots of plans. I don't think new years resolutions really work, I agree you should make changes to your life as and when and not wait until New Year.

    Your dress looks great, looking forward to lots more lovely outfits in 2011! Happy New Year!

  7. I think you look great in that dress. The way the stripes nip in is super flattering. My resolutions are more of a "checklist" of stuff I'd like to accomplish this year rather than long-term goals to start.

  8. Just found your blog and am looking forward to reading past posts!

  9. I think you look great here! Congrats on getting your workout in this morning. And Happy 2011 to you - here's to a fabulous year :)

  10. I think the dress is totally flattering - But I can see where you don't feel like it is. The lighter color stripes end at your waist and from your perspective may be 'reading' the dress that way. (Saying this from a purely pattern VS brain view)

    I think it makes you look super sassy cute though. It does nip your waist nicely and show off your pretty curves. I love the teal tights.

    I've read a lot of resolutions. Even made some myself. I think the most successful and beneficial ones are the ones that are obtainable for those who make them.

  11. For this year, I'm going to try to ignore my perfectionist tendencies. I want to relax a bit and enjoy the simple things in life a bit more.
    And btw, you do not look 20 pounds heavier in that dress.

  12. I ADORE that dress!! It looks super cute!! And the tights are fab too!! I'm LOVING the shoes as well! I don't exactly do New Year's resolutions either, and I love your idea of starting right now. Having said that, I do try to make a list of concrete goals for the year. In the past I've done "quarterly" updates on my progress toward my goals, but I think I'm going to go for monthly or bi-weekly updates this year. (I do this in a very private blog that only a few people can read). I think for me, my biggest thing that helped me was learning to pick very concrete goals that I could obviously take direct actions on to achieve. Not everything fits that mold for me, but it works well on my goals.


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