Thursday, January 6, 2011

Daily MelWear: To Be Cold and Rainy

So yesterday was warm and rainy, now today is cold and rainy. Isn't this supposed to be the Sunshine State?

Thank you all so much for the jokes and comments yesterday! Some of them really did make me laugh out loud (or at least smirk!). I tried to reply to those of you that have an email attached to your sign-in but if Blogger showed a "no-reply" address, I couldn't. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate it and if you have any more jokes, or even just funny stories, spill 'em!

Some of you have been asking about my new job. I LOVE it. Sure, there are some things that aren't fantastic but for the most part, I am SO much happier and I'm enjoying the work and the environment and I'm excited. So yay!

I just wanted to ask for you all to please remember to keep Jamie's family and friends in prayer. They are having another service for her and the interment in her hometown in Alabama tomorrow.

Today is Jeans Day at work. On Thursdays, we get to wear jeans for $1. We take the money at the end of the year and either buy things for charities or donate the money itself. I love that idea.

And now I feel like I'm just looking for something to write about so instead of babbling and taking more time out of your day, I'll just say that I hope you have a great day!

Today's outfit:
Skinny Jeans: Kohl's
Purple Tee: Target
Brown Sweater: Plato's Closet
Leopard Flats: Target
Necklace: Gift from ML


  1. I'm Glad are jokes cheer you up yesterday. I'm so happy you are loving your new job. Jamie Family Our in my Prayers. I hope you have a great Thursday.

  2. So glad your new job is going well. Love the brown and purple combo.

  3. Those jeans fit great, and are perfect for work on a casual day.
    No Guilt Fashion

  4. Gorgeous, love the jeans!


  5. You look perfect for a casual day at the office. I love love the idea of "jeans day" where you have to pay $1! That is really neat, and obviously shows that this is a better work environment for you too.

    I'd totally enact this policy at my office...if we didn't have a 5 days a week optional jean policy already! :)

  6. I love companies that do the Jeans for Charity policy. I think it's so great for everyone involved. And you look great today!

    I'm contemplating Disqus for comments, since it has a built in "reply" function. However, it bothers me a bit when I have to use it on other sites. Have you thought about making the switch?

  7. Cara - yeah, I've seriously considered Disqus but I've also contemplated switching over to Wordpress since that will also let you reply individually.

    Decisions, decisions...

  8. I am so happy that this wonderful blogging network helped cheer you up, even if just a little. Everyone here is so wonderful!

    I am loving this color combo and how cute as a button you always look! The charity idea is awesome as well!

  9. I love that your job does that it's such a wonderful idea! You look beautiful dressed up or down. I am glad your new job is going well you deserve only the best!

  10. That is such a great idea to have a "jeans day". Happy that you're happy :)

  11. I love jean day! It is a great way to raise funds for charities!!
    You look really cute!

  12. You look awesome in jeans....what a tres chic outfit:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Come be a part of my new online fashion magazine!!♥

  13. I am glad you like your new job! That is a great idea wearing jeans for $1 - didn't your old job do that too?

    Sarah at Classroom Chic

  14. I love this casual look. I've been scouring the thrift stores for a sweater like that - a warm, cozy, chunky sweater with short sleeves to pair with a long sleeve shirt. I'm jealous you found one!

    The Auspicious Life

  15. Sorry to hear about the weather, but I love the colors in your outfit, and the idea of using the money for charity! And that's so awesome that your new job is working out!! Yay! :)


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