Monday, January 24, 2011

Daily MelWear: Red and Blue and Ick All Over

I believe there will come a time when I'm able to go a full month without getting sick.

I was sick over Thanksgiving, over New Year's and I'm sick again now. I'm sick and tired of being sick. And tired. Heh.

Nyquil commenced at 6:30PM last night and bed was around 7:45PM. Other than waking up at midnight for a little while, I think I slept most of the night and probably got around 9 hours of sleep. Of course when I got to work this morning, my boss said they'd much prefer that I be sick at home rather than here getting them sick. That being said, there's a good chance that this outfit will be replaced with sweats by this afternoon.

On a happier note, my brother's family was here this weekend! And he fixed the AC in my car! Yay!!! We had a really good weekend with them AND I was able to keep my daughter for most of it, even though it was her dad's weekend (it helps to still be best friends after you're divorced - I'm more grateful for his friendship than I can begin to express). I love extra time with my girl and she had a great time playing with her baby cousin!

Hey, I have a question for those of you that blog.  There's been a lot of discussion in the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday Google group about using Disqus in Blogger vs switching from Blogger to Wordpress. Although I've noticed that a LOT of Blogger blogs have installed Disqus recently, I have STRONGLY been considering switching over to Wordpress because of these discussions. Have any of you switched from Blogger to Wordpress and if so, would you recommend it? Does it take very long, do you need a lot of knowledge to do it, are there a lot of kinks to work out first? I need opinions. And HELP. Lots of help.

How was your weekend? Is anyone else sick? I hope not,  I hope you're all healthy!

Today's outfit:
Dress: Ross
Black Leggings: Wal-Mart
Red Tee: Plato's Closet
Black Boots: Can't remember, some store in an outlet mall
Necklace and Earrings: Wal-Mart
Red Belt: Salvation Army


  1. We are all sick in my house again, for the millionth time this year. It gets so old...

  2. I've had a recurring cough that won't seem to go away for good, so I know what you mean about being sick of being sick!

    I've noticed a few other gals switching over to Disqus (sp?) too - I don't know about the difficulty involved, but I like the feature of being able to reply directly to a comment.

  3. Very clever layering! I'm so not good at that but this looks great!

    I think your life in general has been so stressful these past few months and that alone will make you more prone to getting sick. So YES! You will reach a place where you don't get sick every five minutes!

  4. I've read the different sides of Wordpress/Blogger/Disqus, and the switching of blogs seems all to technical for me - Katy's tweets this weekend definitely confirmed my fears! I'm still tossing around the idea of disqus, now that I know how much more user friendly it is once you've signed up for an actual account. I'll probably be posting a poll on my blog sometime this week to see if there are any people adamantly opposed to it.
    It's really quite inspiring that you and daughter's father are still really good friends. While I haven't been married before, there are one or two ex-boyfriends who I still talk to and while it was initially weird when they met my fiancé, I've always felt that if you shared a portion of your life together, to simply write them out of your life when things didn't go as planned really cheapens the good memories you had together! Your daughter is so lucky to have such mature and responsible parents!
    Hope you feel better - you look quite great in your pictures, despite the illness! Take your boss's advice and nip this cold in the bud!

  5. I am still sick with a sniffly nose and an inkling of the cough that won't leave me alone. I hope you feel better soon. I love the detail on your boots. Are they different materials because they look like leather and fleece together?

  6. We are still sick, here. For like the 2nd month and counting. Sinus infections and colds and strep and UGH!!! Just everything!!

    I love todays look! It's gorgeous! I thought the shirt and belt were mauve - but I see now that they are red!! And so pretty together. Today, I am dressed for cold, since it was -15 when I left the house this morning and our high is only 11. BUT - YOU look pretty in your little dress!!

  7. I love that dress. The print is fantastic.
    Sorry that you are feeling sick. I;m trying to fight something AGAIN. I swear I've been sick every 3 weeks since October. So over it.

  8. Love the print of that dress and those boots!! so cute! Sorry you are sick!! Wahh. Drink lots of fluids and rest when you can! I tried putting on disqus once a few months back and couldn't figure it out - I'd like to give it another go. Let me know if you get any great tips on it!

  9. I like the red accents with the blue dress...very nice touch :)

    I've felt like I was on the verge of some sort of sickness off and on over the last few months...a little bit of stuffiness, the slightest hint of a scratchy throat, a cough here and there...but it's never actually materialized. My immune system is either much better than I've given it credit for, or there is something to be said about getting a flu shot. Hope you feel better soon!!

  10. That dress is stellar! I love the red with it too! Hope you feel better soon. And yay for friendly exs!

  11. There's a lot of crud going around. My hubs is coming home early from work because he's not feeling well.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  12. I'm sorry you get sick all of the time! But you do look beautiful in today's outfit :)

    I especially love the way this dress fits you, you look gorgeous!

  13. Oh nooo, I hope you're feeling better! At least you look really sweet today -- what a cute dress, but HELLO BOOTS! I love them! And I'm so happy to hear that not all divorced couples end up hating one another.

    As for Disqus vs Blogger, I've commented with both and I don't mind either one. The only thing I dislike about Disqus is that I have to sign (yes, I am THAT lazy), where Bloggers signs me in automatically if I have the right email account open. But Blogger is annoying in that there is no Direct Reply feature and as someone who has multiple email accounts, I hate that I can't have my personal email open and comment using my blog account, if that makes any sense at all.

    Wordpress and Blogger are pretty similar in my personal experience (I use Blogger for my blog and WP at work), so I think if you wanted to switch, it wouldn't be too difficult for you.

  14. I looove the blue and red together, and those boots ~swoon~.

    I didn't want to make the jump to wordpress because I'm overall happy with blogger. I bought my domain name through blogger. Making the switch to Disqus was amazingly simple. I'd say easier than getting my domain name. I've heard of people complaining about signing in but Disqus keeps your information even if you don't have an account. It also makes it easier for anon or non-blogger owners to leave their name with their comments.

  15. I love the layering here, and the red belt makes you look teeny. I've debated getting discus too, because I like the reply feature, and I have problems with blogger comments (like I'm having right now trying to post this!). Let me know what you decide.

  16. I feel like I haven't properly recovered from a cold I got a month ago. So lame. Anyway, I hope you get better soon. And I'm super impressed by your skillful layering when your feeling sick.

  17. I seem to have one or two different bugs every month! I swear my kids bring stuff home all the time. You look pretty I hope you can go home and get some rest!

  18. Hi Melissa~ I hope you feel better soon and are able to rest up. You certainly looked adorable in this outfit while you were wearing it.

    And thank you so very much for your words of encouragement about my dad. They are most appreciated.

  19. I have had a horrible cough here. I'm blaming it on winter time. Feel better.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  20. Beautiful outfit, great layering, beautiful print on the dress, and that belt is fantastic! You look awfully adorable for feeling under the weather!

    I'm sorry to hear you're sick, I know it has to be so frustrating happening so often :( Almost everyone I know, including myself, has had sinus infections or other infections at some point for the past 2 months.

  21. I love the long sleeves under your dress! I've been thinking about switching my commentor to Disque as well... Let us know what everyone says about it! Hope you are feeling better!

  22. You look lovely today, I would never have known you were sick unless you said so. I hope you feel better soon. Fortunately after working in schools for so many years my immune system is pretty strong.

    I've noticed some people switching over to Disquis, but I don't really know much about it. I previously had a wordpress blog, but encountered a lot of issues with it . . . that was years ago though.

  23. Feel better soon sweetie....I think this is a new fav of mine too!! Seriously loving the maroon touches under the rich pattern...a total knockout:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Editor, The Fashion 411 Magazine♥

  24. Hope you feel better soon. I'm a big fan of taking Airborne as soon as I feel a cold coming on!

    I don't have any experience with switching over to WordPress from Blogger, but I do use WP for a blog at work. I'm finding the functionality a bit better than Blogger and may consider switching over one day.

  25. I hope you feel better soon. I no help on either one.

    I had a lazy day on Saturday and then work on Sunday.

  26. I clicked over from The Fashionably Late Blooming Boomer and I love your blog. I am going to add you to my blog list if you don't mind so I can stop by more often. Hope you feel better soon. It's not fun being sick and trying to take care of kids as well.

  27. I love that dress on you my dear, the print and the colour is bold - like you!

    Be well soon! Or longer!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  28. I LOVE this outfit!! The dress is too cute! And those boots are fabulous!! And yay for a good time with the family! Sorry to hear your sick though!! I hope you're feeling better soon!

  29. I love the red peeking out from the dress, I hope you are feeling better!


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