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Proper Professional: Heather of H & K Style Journey

The Proper Professional feature was birthed out of my desire to spread the blogging love while also gaining some insight into professional and business attire in various situations. My goal is to feature bloggers from all different professions, whether stay-at-home moms, mega-corporation executive assistants, work-from-home employees, small office staff, business owners or more, to view different perspectives and opinions on what is appropriate, acceptable, and professional. Hopefully you'll be inspired and introduced to some great new blogs, too! To catch up on previous interviews, click here.

Today I have the honor of introducing some of you to (because many of you already know) Heather of H & K Style Journey! Heather and her daughter started a style blog not long ago, but they have such fantastic style and are so personable and fun that their blog is growing leaps and bounds. Without further ado, let's hear what Heather has to say!

Tell us a little about yourself and your blog.
My name is Heather. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters and I have been married to my wonderful husband for 11 years. My 16 year old daughter Kayla and I started our blog in May 2011 as a way to share our love of fashion, a way to spend time together, to learn to shop our closets, and show that you can look stylish on a budget.
How did you come up with your blog name?
We came up with our blog name because we feel that finding your style is a journey and the H and K are our initials (Heather and Kayla)
Do you work from home or outside the home, and what do you do? 
I work outside the home full time as the General Manager for a hazardous materials removal contractor.
Do you have a dress code by which you need to abide (either corporate or self-imposed)? If so, what is it and how do your co-workers (if applicable) approach the dress code?
We do not have a strict dress code at our office, so my dress code is self-imposed. I feel in my position, I represent our company in various situations so I need to look professional at all times. Our office staff is more on the loose side of business casual and our construction staff has company logo uniforms.
Do you choose your outfits in advance or in the morning, and how long does it take you to get ready in the mornings?
Most of my outfits are chosen the night before depending on what my schedule is for the next day. It usually takes me 30 minutes to get ready in the morning and the other 30 minutes are spend getting the kids out the door and taking care of my dog before leaving for work.
If you were commissioned to rewrite the dress code, what would you change (if anything)?
If I could rewrite the dress code, I wouldn't change much at my office because I have the freedom to dress as I please. I would like our staff to tighten up on the business casual look a bit and have actual dress code guidelines.
Do you think companies should take into account the potential cost for certain dress codes to be achieved and if so, should they be concerned about the cost being equal for both men and women?
I feel that anyone can dress professionally on a budget no matter where they work and what position they are in. I am a big fan of Target and Kohls as well as thrift stores. You can find some good deals by shopping the clearance racks and by thrifting. It's amazing all the great quality items that can be found out thrift stores!
What is your definition of professional attire and would this vary if the business is a small business compared to a larger corporation?
My definition of professional attire is someone who looks pulled together no matter what the dress code and whether it's a small or large corporation. A nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt, a pencil skirt and a cardigan, or a nice pair of dark wash trouser jeans with a blazer can all be professional.
What are some pieces that every woman should have available in their professional arsenal?
Everyone should have a few basics in their professional arsenal. I feel that a pair of black, gray and brown dress pants or skirts, a few colorful tops, a great dress, a blazer, and some fun accessories and jewelry to change up your look. It's amazing how just changing your accessories can make the same outfit look totally different. Also, just adding a blazer can really take a look up a notch.
What pieces are never professionally appropriate regardless of the situation?
Flip flops, tummy bearing tops, ripped and torn jeans, and hooded sweatshirts are never work appropriate. Believe it or not, I have seen all these items in the various offices I have worked at!
Describe an outfit you'd wear in each of the following settings: 
1. A typical day at work.
A pencil skirt in a fun print and a bright top.
2. A formal business meeting. 
A wrap dress.

3. An informal meeting with co-workers. 
A skirt or dress, or a nice pair of pants and a top.
4. A business dinner with co-workers and superiors.
I would probably wear a fun top with a colorful pencil skirt.
Are there any questions you wish I'd asked or is there anything else you'd like to mention regarding this topic?
I think you covered a wide spectrum of questions! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured in Proper Professional! This is one of my favorite features on your blog and it is so much fun to see all the different walks of life are out there in the blog world!
Heather, thank you SO much for taking the time to answer the questions and give us your take on how to dress professionally. You've been such a source of inspiration to me and I'm excited for you and Kayla as you develop and grow your blog
And YOU, dear friends...I need more of you for future Proper Professional posts! If you've ever considered it, please contact me right this second and let me know you're interested so I can add you to the list. I've been doing this for a few months now, and my list of future features is getting shorter and shorter, so now is the time to let me know. It doesn't matter if you're a stay at home mom, or work as a cashier, or are the CEO of a huge corporation - everyone has an opinion and I want to feature yours! Email me at {aworkingmomscloset at}. 
Have a happy Monday, lovelies!


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