Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daily MelWear: Spring Polka

Well HI!!! I feel like I haven't posted a Daily MelWear in forever. It hasn't even been a week but it feels longer for some reason.

Did you all enjoy Monday's Proper Professional feature with Sara of Destrahan's Daughter? And then yesterday...oh yesterday...that was a BUSY day (hence the scheduled post with my story!). We got to the office at 6AM, drove over to the conference center for our annual spring conference and I left work around 6PM. It was a LONG day, but we stayed busy and I really enjoyed listening to and socializing with our speakers. If anyone's interested, I wore a black pinstriped skirt suit with a teal blouse and a purple belt. Sorry I didn't take a picture. Maybe I'll wear it again soon. :)

I have no idea what's in store for us today. Our data is still in the process of being converted to the new system so we don't have any of our regular submissions to work on, but I'm going to have some paperwork to complete to process the CEUs offered to some people for attending the conference yesterday. This is still a "new" job to me and this was my first conference, so I really don't know what our recap workload will be.

Tomorrow is my co-worker M.'s birthday so we might go to lunch today or tomorrow. Yay! annual evaluation is tomorrow afternoon. Thankfully my boss did tell me this morning that my outfit is nice so hopefully that combined with the past two days' worth of suits will keep any attire discussions to a minimum. We shall see!

Oh, by the way...yes, I know the blog still looks wonky. Photobucket says they've fixed all but .001% of their accounts and apparently Nelah's account is in that unlucky percentage of still messed up. Poor Nelah. She's had some other computer troubles but will work on fixing up the design as soon as possible.

So how's everyone doing? Obviously I haven't been able to visit or comment on blogs lately and I'm sorry. I miss you guys!

Today's outfit:
White Skirt: Part of a suit from my aunt
Pink Blouse: Dots
Turquoise Polka Dot Cardigan: Forever 21
Pink Belt: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Target
Ring: Stein Mart (um...I think...)


  1. What a great look for Easter week!! So cute!

  2. Those shoes are adorable! I wish I could wear heels all day w/o wanting to bash someone's head with them lol. Love the spring look!

  3. I debated on those shoes, and they are really great on you! I think that polka-dotted top is super cute!

  4. You look super cute. I been good. Water heater broke on Monday night. We were able to fix it. Friday we get a new dishwasher. Also we booked a vacation to Orlando for the fist weekend in May.

  5. So spring-like! My city woke up in a winter wonderland this morning, but fortunately, I'm away! For once I feel like I can join you in your spring-ness!

  6. I just love that sweater! So adorable.

  7. I like the pink and blue together, and I hope that Photobucket starts working soon.

  8. I LOOOVE these colors and the shinies on your cardigan and belt! You do look super springy and really, really awake and happy! <3

  9. You look like an easter egg! And, obviously, I mean that in the best way possible as it's been a lifelong dream to dress like that!!!

  10. I love these soft colors on you! And I know it is nice enough down there for you to be wearing them. Today it is 68 degrees and I have all the doors open and a short sleeve shirt on. But its still cool enough that I have on dark tights with my pants!!!

    Good luck on your review!1

  11. What great shoes! You look so springy and adorable today. I just read your comment from yesterday, and it's nice to know you're right there with me on the couple of pounds (though you don't LOOK like you need to at all). We can do it! :)

  12. You're so springy perfect. Goodluck on the review!

  13. Love the outfit! You look very sassy and I hope the boss liked it. ;)

  14. This is my kind of outfit girl. I love the polka dots and the layers!

  15. I love this outfit! Especially the shoes and white skirt. I'm doing a similar outfit this week.



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