Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daily MelWear: Yellow Pumps Wanted

Every time I wear this dress, or the green/blue combo at all, I want to wear yellow with it.  The last time I wore the dress, I wore it to my friend April's birthday dinner without the white shirt and with some yellow peep-toe wedges.  As I've lamented before, I can't wear open-toe shoes to work so I can't add yellow that way.  (I'm still on the hunt for the perfect closed-toe yellow pumps.  Perfect = cute + affordable. Affordable = CHEAP.) I decided the only way to throw in the yellow was with my necklace.  I think the fact that they're plastic beads makes the necklace normally a little too casual for the office, but the dress, heels and white button-down shirt up the professional ante, if you will.

I've wanted to wear this dress to work but didn't know how to make it office appropriate, considering how low cut it is.  I usually pin it closed higher up anyway but I felt like I needed to do a bit more for work.  The idea came to me a few weeks ago to layer the white shirt underneath, but I haven't tried it until today.  It actually turned out better than I had it pictured in my mind.  I love it when that happens!  So today I feel office-appropriate, stylish, Mommy-like, pretty and comfortable.  Score!

Speaking of Score!, my mom sent me a text that my daughter actually requested to wear big girl panties this morning!  She'll be three next weekend and has been saying she'll use the potty once she turns three because she'll be a big girl then (she makes sure to mention that she'll only do it AFTER she's had her birthday cake). We started trying to potty train her around two, but there have been other issues so we've let it go and not mentioned it at all.  We figured when she's ready, she'll be ready and we'll work on it then.  It seems like she's starting to be ready, so I'm getting excited!  Yay for not having to buy diapers! 

Ooooh, tangent.  Sorry for rambling. I'm just excited! 

Okay, today's outfit (Eh, looking at this picture I feel like I look a little bit pregnant.  This is not good.):

Dress: From my mom

White shirt: Target? Wal-Mart? (pre-pregnancy)

Black Mary Janes: Wal-Mart

Yellow Necklace: Wal-Mart

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