Thursday, May 13, 2010

Daily MelWear: Pattern Mixing, Take 1!

Technically this is take 2 of pattern mixing, but my first attempt was before I started the blog so I don't have any pictures and it doesn't count. I should wear that outfit again just for the blog.

I LOVE this outfit.  Love it.  It just makes me happy.  I was using my gift cards in Kohl's and tried both of these pieces on (clearance!) together, but didn't intend to wear them together...until I saw it in the mirror.  It was an AHA! moment for me.  I can do pattern mixing!  Whee!  Look at me! 

Now, the reason I think this works is because it's mostly a black and white color scheme with just the blue added for color.  Plus neither of the patterns are really wild and crazy; they're pretty tame.  The belt (which came with the shirt; the shirt has beltloops but I'm wearing the belt over top of the skirt) makes it look more like it's "meant" to go together.  Personally, I think these were meant to go together anyway!

I just have to bring up one thing.  Yesterday on academichic, E. wore an outfit to accentuate her strong, sexy mom arms. That makes me wonder...does anyone else have mom legs?  You know...where you only have time to shave the bottom half when you wear a skirt or capris so that the upper leg is just as hairy as your mom arms? 

Yeah.  Me neither. 

And now for the outfit.

Shirt and skirt: Kohl's 
 I decided to wear my black blazer just to give the outfit a little more of an office vibe and not be too casual. I did keep the sleeves pushed up.  I like it.
Necklace and earrings: Wal-Mart (gift from co-worker)                                           
Black Pumps: Wal-Mart (clearance!) (I love the bow details on these shoes, although you can't really see them in the pictures...)

So what do you think, was my first attempt at pattern mixing a success or should I have tried something else?

{For some reason Blogger is making my posts look really screwy today.  It's annoying.  I'm sorry. I'm not doing it on purpose, just so you know.}

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  1. Hell if I know!

    I totally have mom legs. I haven't shaved the top half of my legs since 1998.


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