Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Daily MelWear: LBD

 My original plan for today's outfit was a good way.  I was going to wear this with a brown belt and brown shoes (I have been against black and brown for too long, I really want to try them together now), but my brown belt is too big now!  It's a little sad because it's not that old, but I'd rather it be too big than too small!  And this gives me an excuse to go shopping for a new brown belt...or two. Looking back at this pics, I'm feeling like this white belt is a little too big as well (it's from an outfit that I bought WAY before I lost the baby weight but I figured since it was stretchy, it might I'm on the fence about it).  Hm...perhaps I need to go shopping for brown AND white belts...and other colors too!

So today I'm wearing my Little Black Dress with my new black and white striped tee from Macy's.  I love the ruching on the sleeves of the tee. This shirt is so versatile and I can already see tons of outfits using it. When the brown part of my combo didn't work, I decided to grab my white belt instead and add in some pops of blue.  I'm pretty happy with how the outfit turned out in the end.

This Friday I have plans to go see Sex and the City 2 with some co-workers and my mom, so I stayed up late last night watching the first movie.  Still, I got up at my usual 4:30AM to do my Insanity workout.  I'm exhausted, but I love that movie and I'm proud of myself for still getting up to exercise.  Now I have to come up with my outfit for Friday night.  Any suggestions?

Here's today's stuff:
Black Dress: Plato's Closet (thrifted? consigned?)

Black/White Tee: Macy's

White Belt: Kohl's (belongs to a dress I bought a few years ago that doesn't fit anymore - belt too big now?)

Black Bow Pumps: Wal-Mart (clearance!)

Blue Necklace and Earrings: Beya (clearance!)


  1. I like that tshirt too.

    I have no suggestions.

    I'm back in scrubs this morning. ;)

  2. I love the striped tee and the white belt. Great combo!


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