Friday, May 21, 2010

Daily MelWear: Friday is Mommy Day!

Fridays are awesome.  They're usually awesome for most people because they signify the end of the workweek and the coming of the weekend.

For me, however, they mean an entire day with my daughter! My husband works on Fridays and I don't (I work 7:30AM - 6PM, Monday - Thursday), so I treasure my Mommy Days with my girl. 

My plan today is to take her to the park to burn off some energy and possibly hit a couple of baby consignment stores to see if I can sell any of her clothes to generate some cash for this weekend.  Because otherwise, I. Am. Broke. 

Today's outfit is a dress that I bought at Kohl's with a gift card a few weeks ago.  This is definitely not a dress for work because the skirt looks like denim and that's a big, fat "never" at my job. Even adding a blazer wouldn't help, so I usually pull this out on the weekends.  Especially a weekend like this one, where the high temp is supposed to be 92! That's hot, ya'll. Stinky, sweaty hot. This dress will keep me cool and feeling pretty! The only thing that would make it better is POCKETS!  I need to find a dress and/or skirt with pockets.

By the way, we took the pictures in the kitchen near the french doors to the back porch today.  I think the lighting is a little better, yes? Not so much? Eh. We tried. iPhone cameras were not made for this. 

Today's stuff:

Dress: Kohl's (clearance!)

Green necklace and earrings: Wal-Mart

Black flats: Target (clearance!)


  1. Nice boobs Mel.. :)

    Today (prepare for shock)

    Heather: Tank top--last year's Gap clearance, Denim SKIRT (from high school)

  2. Please excuse me if you don't hear from me for a while because I JUST FAINTED.

    You're wearing a SKIRT?!

    You should wear them more often. You're stinkin' adorable in skirts.

  3. Love it! Very cute! (and nice boobs!...hehe)

    Me: hand-me-down jean capri's (free), and a plain black girl cut t-shirt from Hobby Lobby (1/2 price $2.99, bare foot now will slide into Old Navy flip-flops if I leave the house ($2.50). Complete outfit under $6.

  4. I'd gladly give up some of my boobs if I could.

    Throw on a statement necklace and you're stylin'! :)

    However...leaving the house is rather overrated. Especially when one is broke. Like me.

  5. So cute! I love the way those dresses look but they don't look right on me sadly! Maybe once I get to MY goal weight.... :) You look awesome though! Not a mom (except to the cats -- LAME) but anyways:

    Nicole: Bright orange "Walkathon Winner" school shirt and jean cargo capris... SOOO not hot LOL :)

  6. Listen Nic, mom to cats is not lame! My cats were my babies before Kristina so I understand!

    And YOU, my dear, ARE hot in your jeans and orange shirt! :)

  7. This dress is adorable!! I wore one (that I made) the same style on Friday!

    You are right about the pockets - every dress, especially casual dresses should have pockets.

  8. Sarah, I have so much respect for people who can sew and make their own clothes and alterations! And while there is a (slim) possibility that I could be one of those people, I'm way too lazy to find out. (Does it still count as lazy if I'm a mom so I'm really entertaining my three-year-old most of my free time?)


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