Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daily MelWear: Brown and White

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a good Tuesday.  Today is Wednesday; we're halfway done! I'm a little more than halfway done since I have Fridays off.  I love Fridays with my girl!  My husband works so it's just me and her.  I need to find some fun things to do together.

{Side note: I have GOT to get a better camera and stop taking pictures with my iPhone.}

So for today's outfit, I really wanted to wear my new bronze studded pumps.  I didn't want to pair them with my typical brown or khaki pants so I decided to wear my white pants instead. To tie in the brown, I also wore my brown belted short-sleeved jacket.  For color (and a little bit of floral action), I wore my new yellow t-shirt along with a blue necklace, earrings and flower pin.  

I didn't realize until I got to work and looked at these pictures that my t-shirt sleeves were poking out a little.  I rolled the sleeves up underneath the jacket so they'd stay hidden.

I actually really like how this whole outfit turned out.  I think it might be cute with a khaki jacket and nude pumps too.  The brown is a little bit too dark for spring, in my opinion, but I still really like the outfit as a whole.

Brown jacket: Kohl's clearance, juniors

Yellow flowered t-shirt: Target clearance (see detail photo below...aren't the flowers adorable?!)

White pants: Charlotte Russe (pre-pregnancy!)

Blue necklace, earrings and flower pin: Beya clearance

Bronze studded pumps: Wal-Mart clearance

So what are YOU wearing today? How did you make your outfit fun?


  1. I love that jacket. I think I'm gonna send you money and make you buy me clothes. I need a jacket now that I'm a PROFESSOR! ;)

    Today, I am wearing Gap jeans circa 1997. Green solid scoop neck tshirt--Target, March 2010, $5.

    I'm a fashionista, I tell you.

  2. You are adorable!!

    I'm with Heather...can you just go shopping for me? I don't have the time..(or money for that matter...ha).

    Oh my...I have Heather beat on the fashionista!! I am wearing turquoise Nike running shorts with attached yellow sliding short underneath and white Athletic Works top ...which I believe came from Walmart (and most likely clearance).

  3. Heather, your shirt is recent. That's a plus. And you look GREAT in green.

    Leanna, I can picture you in turquoise and yellow shorts! Which, by the way, are some of springs hottest colors and that is a fantastic color duo.

    PS - clearance rocks. That is all.


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