Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daily MelWear: Fall...ish

Although technically the first day of autumn was last Friday, it's still been in the 90s this week. It looks like we may get down into the 80s by the weekend but still...that doesn't feel like fall.

This outfit is my attempt at autumnal attire without sweating to death. Especially considering the AC in our office doesn't function as well as it should, so it can get up to almost 80 in the afternoon.

The skirt is actually a tube dress but it's a little big and the top doesn't stay up as well as it should, so I wear it as a skirt instead. Repurposing pieces is a good thing. :) 

So here are some questions for you: how do you dress for fall when it's still unbearably hot, and what item(s) have you repurposed recently?  


Today's outfit:
Skirt: Ross
Red Blouse: Wal-Mart
Belt: Charlotte Russe (I think...)
Sandals: Beall's


  1. Great idea turning a tube dress into a skirt! It looks great with the red top and how you belted it :)

    Unfortunately in Ohio it goes from hot to cold in a second, so we have no hot days in the fall!

  2. Cute outfit. Last year I just wore sleeveless to work.

  3. When I was still in the south, I would just change up the colors I was wearing a bit. Perhaps put on longer skirts and such. But being in GA and TX, there really is not so much of a fall as a lingering summer and then a chilly period called winter. You know that, though, I am sure.

    Now that I am up here and experiencing four TRUE seasons, I am loving it. For example, today, I am wearing a corduroy jacket with a sleeveless shirt underneath (you won't see it on the blog until tomorrow). And boots. And darker colors. Just because I can. If I get too warm in my office I can take off the jacket.

  4. I enjoy that your fall...ish look includes sandals, and you probably can wear those at least 11 months of the year. As much as I am jealous, I do love boots, and the fact I can probably wear those 11 months of the year up here!

  5. It isn't hot for me so I don't have to worry about that. I have to learn to dress for 78 degree weather outside but also freezing temperatures inside work though.

  6. How great you look! I love the color of that top & wearing a tube dress as a skirt is so smart. You always have the classiest looks!!

  7. Oooh I love the not-skirt! I think it should become a real skirt because it looks fab! Plaid is a great way of bringing on fall without melting. Stay cool!


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