Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daily MelWear: Blue and Yellow

Ahhhhh...this is MUCH better! With the slacks, heels and cardigan, I feel much more professional and office-appropriate.

Originally I was going to wear this shirt with my black pants, until I remembered these white ones. I also had a brief moment where I considered trying to pull off my white skinny jeans. Then I chickened out. I'm not usually one to push the limits in the office intentionally and I'm pretty sure white denim would do just that.  What can I say? I'm a goody-goody.

I do need to find some slim-fitting slacks though, just to add some variety to the silhouettes that I wear in the office.

I would have worn yellow pumps with this outfit...except that I don't own any.  I have my yellow peep-toe wedges but we're not allowed to wear open-toe shoes. To get my yellow fix, I added the flower to my belt and the necklace.  The flower was actually attached to the Easter basket that my mother-in-law gave to my daughter, with a little mini-clamp.  The clamp makes it stick out a little far but with this belt it's hard to notice, so it works.

So what do you think: would white skinny jeans have come off as professional with the rest of this outfit or is it good that I skipped them? 

Today's outfit:

Blue Plaid Shirt and Belt: Kohl's (Junior's Clearance)

White Pants: Charlotte Russe

Black Cardigan: Kohl's

Heels: Wal-Mart

Yellow Necklace: Wal-Mart


  1. I don't know if white skinny jeans would have been "professional," but they're definitely acceptable. I would totally wear them to work and I think they would have topped this outfit off nicely! You would definitely be the trendsetter in the office!

  2. you and kendi are both rocking the white pants today! i need to get me a pair!

  3. I think white skinnies would have been great with this, although I love what you're wearing too :) I think if you wouldn't have been comfortable in jeans, then you definitely made the right decision - better to get changed than spend the whole day *wishing* you'd changed.

  4. I would say that skinny jeans are not appropriate for the office! Any type of denim or jean type pant is not appropriate. Even on a casual Friday - it is not acceptable as office wear in an office setting. Totally different rules for retail but not for a medical office. That is my professional opinion:) I know that if one of my employees showed up in them that I would be sending them home to change.

  5. Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to try to find some other white pants that aren't as wide, maybe skinny trousers or something similar.

    I do agree that denim isn't quite appropriate for a professional business setting, especially when I'm walking amongst patients. I just want to play with a different silhouette for work. All of my pants seem to be the same right now!

  6. I love your outfit!!! I am not too sure about the skinnies! I would have to see it to decide! I think you look perfect in what you have on!

  7. I love this! The colors are awesome. Love the pops of yellow.

    I definitely wouldn't do skinny jeans to the office and we're business casual. We can do jeans on Fridays but I still wouldn't do skinny jeans. Just my opinion, though - every office is different!


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