Friday, June 4, 2010

Friend Friday: Colors

For this week's Friend Friday, Katy at ModlyChic is asking about colors!

1. Which color do you find the most flattering to wear? Why?
I tend to stick with brighter, deeper shades of purples, blues, greens, etc. I have cool undertones and feel like those colors and shades tend to make me look more alive and refreshed.

2. What color do you never wear? Why?
For the longest time, I never wore yellow. I felt like brunettes just shouldn’t wear yellow because it can so easily wash us out. Lately I’ve decided that I don’t care about that! I like yellow and I’m going to wear it! I do try to keep brighter colors near my face, not wear too much white up there.  If I do wear white or an other neutral shade shirt, I layer with something brighter or wear a brightly colored necklace. I'm working on scarves to add in more color too.

3. Do you think there are universal colors that can look good on everyone?
I firmly believe that anyone can wear any color…what we need to be mindful of is the shade and tone of the color. Blue is a good example. I look better in deeper, more jewel-tones of blues but my mom, who has blonde hair and gray eyes, looks better in more pastel shades of blue.

4. What are your tips to wearing a color that is not the best for your skin tone, but you just simply love?
Incorporate it into other parts of your outfit, like a bracelet or hair accessory or shoes. I know yellow isn’t my best color so I have yellow bracelets, yellow peep toes (still on the hunt for yellow pumps since I can’t wear open-toe shoes to work). Even wear it in a shirt but then make sure to include a necklace or scarf closer to your face that is in a more flattering color to your skin tone.

5. In regards to makeup...what colors do you avoid, what do you always reach for?
I tend to avoid anything really dark or things with too much pink. Since I already have cool undertones and my skin is pinkish, I’ll use a bronzer as blush instead of pink blush. I tend to stick with more neutral tones of lipstick (if I wear any at all…I’m not a big lipstick girl) such as things that use coffee terms (latte, caramel, mocha). My eyes are brown so I always, always use deep purple colors for eyeshadow, liner and mascara. They almost look black except for the shadow which is a really pretty royal purple.


  1. I agree that any color can work for anyone if it's styled in the correct way. For example, if ivory drowns out your complexion that color could be used in a handbag with a pop of color in a dress or the ivory could be a color for pumps.

  2. Exactly! In my opinion, shoes are the most fun way to add different colors and patterns anyway! :)


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