Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Daily MelWear BBCA: Springlike

Apparently I have an aversion to wearing just one color. Sometimes I can pull it off, like yesterday, but more often than not I've found myself playing with different combinations. Pink and yellow isn't an unusal one for me although it might seem unusual to most people. Or at least most people who aren't style bloggers (or readers!), because you all understand me, right? :)

Now my task is to come up with some other colors that can be combined with pink. That is a challenge I will gladly accept.

There are lots of fabulous women participating in the Blogging for Breast Cancer Awearness Challenge! Have you checked out their blogs yet?

I hope you're all having a fantastic week!

Today's outfit:
Dress: Ross
Jacket: Burlington (came with a skirt)
Belt: Can't remember
Heels: Target


  1. I haven't tried pink and yellow together yet but you have inspired me to do it this month!

    I love the print on your dress. And doesn't wearing pink just make you happy? I know it does for me!

  2. Pink and yellow is favorite color combo of mine! Pink looks great with gray, purple, dark green, and cobalt blue!

    I just love this fun yellow jacket!

  3. Yellow and pink go good together. I have check out a couple of the other BBCA blog.

  4. I like pink with blue, green or purple. You have lots of options!

  5. Beautiful Mel! Nothing wrong with channelling spring - actually I'm wearing all spring colours too and one is PINK! When I post this I'll link up to you for BBCA ;)

  6. Sunny and beautiful, Mel! Looking forward to seeing what other color combos you come up with.

  7. Hmm... pink and yellow... reminds me I need more yellow in my wardrobe. Hmm... you know you're addicted to shopping when you can't decide whether to go to the beach with your niece, or go shopping.

  8. Pink and yellow isn't a combination I'd typically go for, but I think this outfit works with the black pulling it together.Also yowza those pumps are hot!

  9. Cute! Pink and yellow is such a great combo! I also love pink with teal, grey and baby blue!

  10. You in yellow=perfection. I just love this bright look- great for those cold weather blahs!

  11. So cute! I love the yellow with the pink.

  12. So funny...I swear I didn't see this before I pulled the same color combination today, although I'm pretty sure I got the idea originally from you, anyway :)

    So, I guess it goes without saying that I love it on you, right? :)


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