Friday, October 7, 2011

Daily MelWear BBCA : Pink and Purple

Every year my cousins and I get our kids together for a photo so we can give our grandmother a Christmas gift with a photo of her great-grandchildren. My brother and SIL are moving this week, so we had to get this picture done quickly in order to have their son included. There are six children total.

We got a grand total of THREE shots. Three. And in, my daughter is not looking at the camera. At least in the one we picked, the rest of the kids are looking and my daughter's facial expression is happy. But still, really? Not one shot with her looking at the camera?

Perhaps I haven't been as much of an influence on her as I thought. Although I must admit that before the photographer got started, my daughter was the only one standing there posing with her hands on her hips. That kid cracks me up.

Today is FRIDAY and that means I'm HAPPY. I'm so glad the weekend is here!!! Hope you all have a great one!

Today's outfit:
Floral Skirt: Ross
Blouse: Charlotte Russe
Pink Belt: Salvation Army
Heels: Target


  1. I think sometimes the best shots are not always the totally posed ones with everyone looking at the camera. What a great gift idea.

    Fun skirt! Have a fabulous weekend :)

  2. I'm trying to get all my siblings and their kids together for a similar picture. I can't wait! I love your outfit. Are those shoes comfy?

  3. What a cute skirt! This is a great outfit :)

    We do a photo of all the grandkids for my mom every year at Christmas, but they always turn out awful, ha ha! That is funny your daughter stood with her hands on her hips! Have a great weekend!

  4. At least you only have to do three shots- at my family reunion's pictures can take hours and by this point your smile is frozen on your face!

    I adore your colourful skirt and you're wearing the colours for Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence awareness!

  5. Such a pretty skirt! That pink belt is going to be a staple all month! we tried at Christmas last year to take a family photo...10 kids, 8 adults...needless to say there was not one where everyone was looking at the camera...ha!
    Big plans for the weekend??

  6. Love the purple blouse.

    I have several Christmas photo stories like when my daughter would not stop crying for anything. Fun times!! At least you got 3 shots, better than none :)

  7. Awww kids. I think that's sweet that you guys do that. Love that you're still rocking the brights and florals.

  8. Cute story! Kids have a mind of their own. Little C went a couple weeks where he would hide if I tried to take a picture of him and lately he's been turning to the camera with big grins on his face, saying, "Cheese"! It's adorable and so is your skirt!

  9. Love this outfit- that floral skirt is so cute :)

  10. Very pretty...I love pink and purple together!

  11. We always tried to do that for my grandmother, but there were a dozen kids, so even if they were all present (which rarely happened) they would inevitably have conferenced beforehand to decide how to ruin the picture... nakeness, bunny ears, running from the location... kids are brats, and that's why I love them!

  12. Hi Melissa! I've been away forever and just wanted to stop by to say hi. You are absolutely glowing! You look so radiant and happy!

    And it's so sweet that you and your family members give your grandmother a photo every year for Christmas. I'm sure she must cherish them. My family members got together and did something similar to celebrate my grandmother's 70th birthday. It's the only professional picture we have of our entire family, and I was 13 at the time. Needless to say, it was not a great stage for me. Imagine me at my current height, but about 40-50 pounds lighter and with a gigantic nose. Cringe! But grandma loves it, and that's what's important!

  13. So many outfits to assemble over the next twenty years...Eeek! At least you're doing it with style.

  14. this is such a great outfit.. i love your skirt, the prints are gorgeous :)
    awesome blog.. would you like to follow each other?


  15. great outfit! I really, really, really like it....

    I loved the idea of the kid's photo for your grandmother...I want to do the same!!!!!!


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